The Andros has been implementing sustainability programs in all of our various departments for a number of years. It is of paramount importance to us that every single one of our guests feel indulged and looked after but we do our very best to achieve this in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Energy Saving

In an effort to lessen our energy requirements, The Andros has installed LED globes throughout the property. We encourage our guests to enjoy the natural climate in Cape Town and thereby hopefully reducing the need for air-conditioning. Our rooms are airy and bright which also allows our guests to enjoy more of the natural light in Cape Town thereby hopefully reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Water Saving

The entire Andros property’s water source is from our on-site borehole which reduces the pressure on Cape Town’s municipal water supply. The water is filtered and UV treated making it perfectly suitable for human consumption.

To further protect this precious natural resource and to practice water wise tourism we have implemented the following supportive measures:

• In room communication to guests requesting that they re-use towels.
• Linen is replaced on request for long stay guests.
• Bath plugs have been removed.
• Waterless hand sanitizer is available in each room and throughout the hotel.
• Water saving devices have been installed in all of the water outlets.


All of our waste products are sorted & recycled. Plastic straws & bottles have been eliminated and replaced with paper and glass. Any plastic items that are used are manufactured from recyclable materials & disposed of responsibly.


Our garden and herb garden are cared for using organic products. Our on-site compost is generated from kitchen waste and this along with our worm farm is used to feed and nourish our garden.


Our range of Charlotte Rhys in-room amenities are supplied in biodegradable bottles. They are free from harmful chemicals, dyes, animal products or derivatives. Charlotte Rhys is a beauty without cruelty supplier and none of their products are tested on animals.


We are very selective with our suppliers and insist on understanding their sustainability programs prior to purchasing from them.

At The Andros We continue to look for new and innovative ways to grow our sustainable efforts and are grateful to all of our guests for their wonderful support of our endeavors. Our staff are all trained and encouraged to carry this sustainable philosophy through into their respective homes.

We regret no children under the age of 12. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.


The Andros Hotel

Please note The Andros is not affected by National Load Shedding.

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